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Viking sells to a network of carefully selected local retailers and is only distributed in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Viking supports these retailers with information and training on Viking products to help assure you a positive buying experience. Your choice of flooring is an investment that will add substantial value to your home, but only if it is properly selected, installed, and maintained. Your local flooring retailer is your best source for these services, as well as service and support after the sale. Only your Viking dealer can provide you the professional sales, service, and warranty support Viking Flooring requires.
Viking does not sell our products direct to the public or via our website. Viking does not sell directly to anyone whose primary sales outlet is the internet. We do not recommend buying Viking products over the internet as it is difficult to be sure you are receiving the product and service you expect, and we will not be able to resolve any issues you may experience.
All Viking Hardwood Flooring products are made with raw material originating from sustainable managed forests. These products are made with selectively harvested timber strictly managed under the most advanced environmental control systems. It is warranted that all Viking products are produced with ecological awareness recognized by the most credible wood product associations and in strict compliance with government regulations. All Viking flooring products are Lacey Act and CARB 2 compliant.

By not being familiar with the lumber harvesting practices of hardwood suppliers, you may be unknowingly contributing to one of the greatest environmental issues of our time. That's why it's more important than ever to purchase only wood products that you know have been legally and responsibly harvested.

Viking Hardwood Flooring makes a conscious effort to protect the environment by adopting "green" forestry and environmental practices as a part of our hardwood flooring production. Wood lovers who also love the earth can rest easy and enjoy their investment.

Clean your floors regularly with Viking Premium Floor Cleaner only or equivalent floor cleaner approved for use on urethane finishes. Do not use waxes, oils, oil soaps, or petroleum-based cleaners under any circumstances. Avoid store bought cleaners; purchase cleaning products appropriate for your hardwood floor from the store you purchased your flooring from. Never use a steam cleaner / wet mop on your floors!

When it becomes necessary to refinish the floor, we recommend consulting the store where you purchased your flooring or a qualified hardwood flooring sand and finish contractor.
Did you know your hardwood flooring is highly susceptible to moisture? That is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your home environment stable to avoid the common moisture issues such as cupping, splitting/cracking, gapping, etc. Keep your floors from becoming too dry or too wet by keeping the relative humidity within a range of 35 - 55% and maintain an interior temperature between 55°F and 75°F.
Viking Flooring wants every customer to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. If there are claims or questions, or in the event that you are not totally satisfied with your floor, contact the retailer where you purchased the floor first. The retailer, if unable to resolve your claim, will contact Viking Flooring. If you are unable to contact the retailer where you purchased your floor, you may contact Viking Flooring in writing at the following address:

Attn: Claims Dept.
Viking Flooring
1013 Orchard St
Ferndale, MI 48220

If you are unable to find the answer to your question either from the above frequently asked questions or the retailer where you purchased your Viking flooring, please contact us with your question below.